Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cross platform issues

I've hit a couple of snags working with PC computers in my room and Macs in the broadcast lab. I tried to download a digital video tape to my PC laptop to show the students and allow them to make comments about how they would change the shots taken in the video, but it did not load correctly in 3 tries...although I've successfully loaded videos to that laptop before. I then decided to leave it on the MacBook where it did load successfully, but my projector does not have a cord that connects with the MacBook. It was a day of frustration for me and the kids as they wanted to see the video they had taken and I was unable to get it loaded for them and show it during that class period. I'm going to have to consult our more experienced Mac users and find some answers. I definitely see the need for more video editing, transferring, music background information and assistance. I love the MacBook, but still need to use my Dell for many school functions. I'd like to get efficient so I don't have to carry 2 laptops around with me and alternate which one is used for which function.

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