Thursday, October 8, 2009

My 1st Attempt With the Touches

This week I used the iPod touches with my classes for the first time. The students used the Piqqo Project app to learn about a couple of projects people in other countries have set up to conserve energy and then wrote summaries about what they had learned. Overall, I was very pleased with how well the students stayed on task and were enjoying getting to learn in a new way. I think they really enjoyed being able to see the videos and pictures that went along with the written information. Doing it did point out some of the difficulties with web based apps though. If you are planning on using a web based app, make sure to check it out in your room with several of the touches ahead of time. Even after getting the app set up to work in the district (thanks Karen for your help getting that done!), we still had a few touches that couldn't get what was needed for the assignment. I'm looking forward to using them again!

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  1. Diana,

    Thank you so much for being the first one to jump right in the middle of it! Anything new in a classroom, & especially technology, has its problems. And unfortunately, you always have to have a backup plan in case things are not working correctly. It is frustrating when you have only a one day shot at something too. But lesson learned for future classes and next year. As for planning, yes, you have to check out everything well-in-advance for those little hook ups. Thanks too for the decription of what the kids were using the touches for in the lesson. Have we discussed anything about lesson plans going somewhere to be viewed & archived?

    Keep up the great work Diana!