Monday, January 25, 2010

Continuing the process

It's good to see our teachers working to use the new technologies and get them incorporated into learning experiences for the students. We have started an after school club because the students wanted more chances to use the iTouches we purchased with the grant. Gaining access to all the new library equipment has stirred interest around the building. My students are asking for a turn to use the iTouches in class. The word has spread.

I have found several apps I would like to add to the iTouches for my own programs, most notably an app that shares and has quizzes on using Photoshop, a program I use constantly with my Journalism students. I have also located several good apps for my Electronic Experiences classes.
This year, I will be continue focusing mostly on using the Netbook computers with my class due to the schedule we have decided on to get the most students access and get the technology incorporated into the core area classes. Those are particularly useful in my class for students to create our school yearbook online. We use them when they are not needed in the core classes. The students continue to love using the Netbooks.