Monday, August 31, 2009

First and Second Weeks of School

I agree with Lora that it's been a fast and furious start this year. I can't wait to see where this year will take us. We had some training on using some technology websites this year before school started and I've already had an opportunity to incorporate one of them, BrainPop, into my Electronic Experiences classes. The students liked it, and it sure beat my standing there telling them things I could show them in a cartoon format. We are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our grant equipment and I have already begun planting the seeds in my students' minds about podcasting and using our new technology devices to post our news stories online this year.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st week of '09-'10

Well, we're off & running. Literally! It's been a non-stop first week of getting students settled into the right classes and everyone getting back into the routine of school. It's going to be an eventful year for sure. Besides this big grant, I am starting over with all new iMacs in my room!!! The kids are very excited too, but due to unforseen network and log-on issues, we have as yet to actually use them. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past very soon.

As for our grant status, we've received e-mails from Karen on the year's dates for staff development, so everyone involved should start making arrangements now for those subs. We are anxiously awaiting our new equipment too!

Diana was so eager to start that I've lent her one of my iTouches I purchased last year for the tech apps classes. She's been online at the iTunes store researching possible Apps to use in her science classes this year and we've downloaded many that she's been "experimenting" with to determine what might work & how. It's very exciting to see her jump right in and think about how she will use these activities within her classes with the 6th graders.

It's going to be an exciting year! Are you ready?