Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tech Apps Classes

Since the Mac Lab is brand new to all my students, all classes have been working with the iLife applications in creating several products. They started first with the Photo Booth and used the different effects in it to create really silly pictures of themselves & their classmates. From there we went to iPhoto and brought all those pictures in where they learned how to edit them some more with cropping, rotating, and more types of effects. Afterward, they created a slideshow of their images and exported it as a final product. Next, they learned how to record themselves in Garage Band, edit their recording and add music and sound effects. They they exported it as a podcast. Currently, they are scripting their first movie which will be all about themselves and their lives from family, friends, school and goals. They will use Photo Booth to shoot this & if our new Flip Cameras come in, they will use those as well. From there they we'll learn to import all of this in to iMovie and edit it into a real movie. Our plan is to post all their work, for now, on our school's Intranet; if it will work. By doing all of these projects up front, my plan was to have a cadre of 6, 7, & 8 grade students with a basic working knowledge of the different applications and their processes so they would be the leaders for the rest of the school as teachers begin to delve in to all these wonderful acticities. That's about it for now, but I think they've been pretty busy!

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