Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Thoughts

I've been fortunate enough to have the netbooks in my room more often this semester and it has become easier and easier to seamlessly integrate their use into regular class activities. For example, rather than doing a traditional foldable about the different types of spacecraft today, I was able to let my students make ActivStudio flipcharts about it. A couple of groups asked if they could make a movie about it instead and so I was able to get a couple of great videos as well. It has also helped that they have been seeing technology in their other classes, since I didn't always have time to teach them how to use the programs. It was great to see how excited they got about their movies and how independently they were able to complete them, asking the other students for help most of the time instead of coming to me right away.

I just recently found out I'm going to be switching grade levels and will have a lot of the same students again next year which should be fun. I will definitely be expecting some even more awesome projects from them now that they have a good idea of the basics!

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