Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End of School Thoughts

Wow! Is it really possible this school year is already over? I can't believe how fast it has gone and how busy we've been.

Although my students did not work directly with the grant equipment, my classes worked all year on learning the new Mac applications and then created very interesting and awesome projects such as an iMovie about themselves which they then attached to their iDVD project and burned it. The second semester they worked with their digital images in Photoshop and then included them in their DVD cover they created in Fireworks. Since my classroom computers have the high school software, I had the kids move in to the advance applications to begin familiarizing them with the universality of the tools and layouts since these are the business standard software professionals use on a regular basis.

My classes were very different this year in that I had all 3 grade levels mixed together. And although I did not have a large percentage of 6th graders in my classes, I feel the ones I did have contributed greatly to the projects the other teachers were doing such as with Mrs. Hoy's last entry on the movies the kids made. And even when Mrs. Rivera's kids made a movie on the PC netbooks, having completed their iMovies did assist the kids in the basics of how a movie application works. And Mrs. Hoy's comment on how the kids helped each other out makes me proud since we work on reteaching others in my classes regularly!! Way to go Knights!!


  1. So it is the end of the year.....

    THE PTL grand has enable me to serve 45 students will technology.

    Since technology has been introduced the students seem more engaged in class. The seem to have more confidence and are not afraid to take risks.

    My favorite experience with my students was the Pumpkin Pie activity. Students needed to convert fractions for a pie recipe to make enough pies for the entire class. The students then made a movie using their recipe.

    A post survey was given to my students online about the technology we used in the class and results were submitted to Educational Technology. My plan for next year is to implement more technology into more individual lessons. I will use the summer to reflect on which lessons can easily incorporate the technology. I cant imagine not having technology in my class.

  2. In addition........we used I-touch math apps...Fraction Frenzy, Crazy Math, Brain Math, Coaching Calculator...we used this as a supplement to various lessons....The students were more engaged in learning so I am sure this impacted learning....These are my PRE AP students so they are visual anyway. We used netbooks also to finish our project for Pumpkin Pie, unfortunately these movies weren't saved correctly so I have no artifacts.

    I dont think LA or SS used the touches I am not sure about the netbooks

    Overall, approximately 80 students used the I-touches in my classroom. All of my classes had opportunities to use them.