Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Teacher Conference

I am ever so thankful that there is the TAEA Art teacher conference coming up this Thursday-Sunday. Since I missed last year due to Mitchell, but it was worth missing (sort of! *laugh). One of the classes I am taking is called "Boxes with Fires: Wisely Integrating Technology into the Art Classroom" which will include integrating digital technologies such as PPpresentations (which I know already, but...), podcasting art style, imovie, wikis, web sites, mind mapping, social bookmarkings, blogs and improving student learning to stimulate educational reform. This is one of many technology classes offered this year, which I have not seen in the past. So, for this year, I'm not going to all the hands on cool art project classes, but things like this. Hopefully this can help us get technology used effectively in the fine arts wing as well... something besides just using the computers to look up images and play games on. I know there's gotta be something more! Can't wait!
I'm also going to be attending 4 upcoming different web classes on how to keep the SBISD web art page updated with the new branding stuff. I am looking forward to being the photographer and co-webmaster for that endevour! So hopefully, that will help us all also with stuff that we want to put on our website here at school...

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