Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making Progress

We had a few technical issues with our netbook computers and needed to have them reimaged which was accomplished so they are back in working order. Over the last couple of weeks I have been in contact with the ESL Newcomer teacher at Landrum MS who is doing some remarkable things with her newly arrived ESL students using iPods. She was able to show me some great sources for videos as well as some of her student's projects which are really amazing. i have also been in contact with my teacher friend who assisted with podcasts in Australia last year. I'm hoping in the second semester we can set up some podcasts so we can hear some from her students and she can let her students hear some of ours.
I have been giving the Journalism students their student email accounts and we have begun using them to access a class Wiki. They are excited about the possibilities and wanted to add their classmates as their friends immediately. This is still a work in progress and after one initial glitch in accessing the site, it has been going smoothly. As we move towards final exams, we will be using the netbooks to finish up projects.
I have been researching applications for my Broadcast, Journalism and Electronic Experiences and have found several that are going to blend in very well with my class activities. The Electronic Experiences classes are especially anxious to get to use the iTouches.

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